Atlanta Falcons Record – 6-4 After 34-31 Win Over Seattle Seahawks

The Atlanta Falcons record is now 6-4 after their 34-31 win over the Seattle Seahawks. The Seattle Seahawks fall to 6-4 with this three point loss at home. What lost this game to me was the failed fake field goal before halftime.

The Seattle Seahawks had a fourth and one on the Atlanta Falcons seventeen yard line. Instead of kicking a short field goal for whatever reason, Seattle tried a fake field goal. The ball was hiked to their punter Jonathan Ryan.

He threw a short shuffle pass that lost four yards. I have no fucking idea why this play was called. Seattle Seahawks only had seven seconds left on the clock.

I think they had one time out left, but still trying to run another play with only seven seconds left is risky. Also, obviously not making the first down is risky. What is even more bizarre is that they had a very makeable field goal attempt.

This proved to haunt the Seattle Seahawks as this team ended up losing by three points 34-31. As a matter of fact Seattle Seahawks kicker Blair Walsh missed a 52 yard field goal with seven seconds left to tie this game at 34-34. Seattle would have been tied if they had kicked that field goal right before halftime.

Turnovers plagued Seattle Seahawks in the first half. Russell Wilson threw one interception and committed one fumble. The Atlanta Falcons took advantage of this and took a 14-0 lead early in this game. The Atlanta Falcons never relinquished the lead.

Both of these National Football League teams scored in each quarter. The Atlanta Falcons are in third place in a competitive National Football Conference south division. The Seattle Seahawks are in second place in the National Football Conference west division.

The Atlanta Falcons record as of now would afford them a wild card playoff spot while the Seattle Seahawks would be sitting at home wondering why on earth, their coach called for a fake field goal attempt perhaps. However, each team has six more games left.

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