Steelers Football Score – 31-28 Win Over Green Bay Packers

Steelers Football Score against the Green Bay Packers was 31-28 in their favor on Sunday Night Football. This was a very competitive and entertaining game. The Pittsburgh Steelers won this game with a field as time was running out.

I thought perhaps this game would go into overtime. However, Chris Boswell made a 53 yard field goal for the win. The Pittsburgh Steelers improve to 9-2. While the Green Bay Packers fall to 5-6.

The Green Bay Packers have been playing without Aaron Rodgers for the last six games. They have just won one game over that six game stretch. Their playoff chances are looking bleak at this point.

Ben Roethlisberger threw four touchdowns and two interceptions. His counter part Brett Huntley threw for three interceptions without any interceptions. The difference in this National Football League game, may have been total yards.

The Pittsburgh Steelers out gained on the ground the Green Bay Packers 121 yards to 80 yards. The Pittsburgh Steelers out gained the Green Bay Packers 341 yards to 245 yards through the air. Pittsburgh turned the ball over three times.

However, there two interceptions and one fumble did NOT cost them a victory. A missed point after attempt did NOT cost them this victory, as they made up for it by successfully making a second half two point conversion. Mason Crosby missed a 57 yard field goal wide to the left in the third quarter.

The Pittsburgh Steelers scored a touchdown on the ensuing possession. I’m not sure why the Green Bay Packers attempted such a long field goal, because since they missed, this gave the Pittsburgh Steelers a shorter field to work with. The Pittsburgh Steelers scored in every quarter in this football game.

The Green Bay Packers scored in three out of the four quarters. The Pittsburgh Steelers drove the ball down the field thirty seven yards with just seventeen seconds remaining in this game. This was enough for a last second fifty three yard field goal attempt, that was successful.

Georgia Dome Stadium – Demolished After 25 Years

The Atlanta Falcons’ old Georgia Dome stadium was demolished yesterday. This 25 year old stadium was destroyed in a planned demolition. The Atlanta Falcons’ new stadium, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, was built right next to the old Georgia Dome.

This now demolished stadium was first used in 1992. That facility was the home of the National Football League Atlanta Falcons and Georgia State University Panthers. The Georgia Dome was owned and operated by the Georgia government.

The initial price tag was $214 million dollars. In 2007 this 80,000 seat domed stadium received $30 million dollars in renovations. Most of the funding for the initial $214 million dollars was by tax payers with 77 percent of all funding from public proceeds

Only 23 percent of the funding for the initial Georgia Dome construction was from private sector sources. Yesterday, this $244 million dollar venue when including renovations was destroyed in seconds. There was a petition that tried to stop the demolition of the Georgia Dome.

However, I think during the contract for the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium, there was a clause wrote in that required the Georgia Dome become destroyed. The new stadium was built just 80 feet from the Georgia Dome. 25 Peach Bowl college football games were played in the Georgia Dome.

Two Super Bowls were hosted at the Georgia Dome, one in 1994 and the other in 2000. This planned demolition took just a total of 15 seconds to complete. Also, it will take at least 3 months for the debri piles to get cleaned up.

The concrete in this implosion is supposed to get recycled. The planned demolition of the Georgia Dome stadium was broadcast live. What a total waste of taxpayer dollars.

$214 million dollars blown apart in a mere fifteen seconds. I wonder how long the new Merceds-Benz stadium will last? The Atlanta Braves also recieved a shiny new stadium.

What was so bad about Turner Field? Turner Field only last 19 years as home of the Atlanta Braves. Although Turner Field will now be used as the home field for Georgia State University Panthers football.

Atlanta Falcons Record – 6-4 After 34-31 Win Over Seattle Seahawks

The Atlanta Falcons record is now 6-4 after their 34-31 win over the Seattle Seahawks. The Seattle Seahawks fall to 6-4 with this three point loss at home. What lost this game to me was the failed fake field goal before halftime.

The Seattle Seahawks had a fourth and one on the Atlanta Falcons seventeen yard line. Instead of kicking a short field goal for whatever reason, Seattle tried a fake field goal. The ball was hiked to their punter Jonathan Ryan.

He threw a short shuffle pass that lost four yards. I have no fucking idea why this play was called. Seattle Seahawks only had seven seconds left on the clock.

I think they had one time out left, but still trying to run another play with only seven seconds left is risky. Also, obviously not making the first down is risky. What is even more bizarre is that they had a very makeable field goal attempt.

This proved to haunt the Seattle Seahawks as this team ended up losing by three points 34-31. As a matter of fact Seattle Seahawks kicker Blair Walsh missed a 52 yard field goal with seven seconds left to tie this game at 34-34. Seattle would have been tied if they had kicked that field goal right before halftime.

Turnovers plagued Seattle Seahawks in the first half. Russell Wilson threw one interception and committed one fumble. The Atlanta Falcons took advantage of this and took a 14-0 lead early in this game. The Atlanta Falcons never relinquished the lead.

Both of these National Football League teams scored in each quarter. The Atlanta Falcons are in third place in a competitive National Football Conference south division. The Seattle Seahawks are in second place in the National Football Conference west division.

The Atlanta Falcons record as of now would afford them a wild card playoff spot while the Seattle Seahawks would be sitting at home wondering why on earth, their coach called for a fake field goal attempt perhaps. However, each team has six more games left.

Score of The Patriots Football Game – Against Broncos Was 41-16

The score of the Patriots football game against the Denver Broncos was 41-16. This game to me was over in the first quarter. Denver was outscored 14-6 but made major mistakes again. Denver’s kick returner muffed the first punt in this game.

This lead to an early New England Patriots touchdown. Then Denver’s special teams which have been horrible all season gave up a 103 yard touchdown kickoff return. The Denver Broncos could only muster up two field goals in the first quarter.

The Denver Broncos had a punt blocked in the second quarter. New England scored a field goal off this special teams mistake. New England scored 17 points off of Denver’s mistakes.

New England took a 27-9 lead into halftime. The Denver Broncos scored on their first possession of the second half. However, their defense gave up another New England touchdown.

The New England Patriots went on to cruise to a 41-16 win. The Denver Broncos defense gave up more than forty points for the second straight week. The Broncos started quarterback Brock Osweiler for the second straight week.

He threw for 221 years with one touchdown and one interception. Tom Brady passed for 266 yards with three touchdowns and no interceptions. The New England Patriots improved to 7-2.

The Denver Broncos fell to 3-6 and are last in the American Football Conference west division. The New England Patriots are first in the American Football Conference east division. The Denver Broncos playoff hopes to me have all but dried up.

The Denver Broncos keep making way too many mistakes. They turn the ball over multiple times week after week. However, in this game they actually outgained New England 118 yards to 99 yards rushing.

The New England Patriots countered with 297 passing yards. Also, the New England Patriots did not commit any turnovers. New England looks playoff bound.

Meanwhile, the Denver Broncos are quickly making a case as becoming the worst team in the National Football League.

Who Won Seattle Game Today – Against Arizona Cardinals 22-16

Who won the Seattle game today against the Arizona Cardinals? The Seattle Seahawks defeated the Arizona Cardinals 22-16 on the road. Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback Carson Palmer was officially placed on the injured reserve in late October.

His replacement Drew Stanton threw for one touchdown and 273 three yards. However, he complete only 24 of 47 passes. He did NOT throw with accuracy, at least not in this game.

Drew did NOT throw any interceptions in this game. The Arizona Cardinals rushing attack was nearly non-existent as this team rushed for a total of 34 yards. There was only one recovered fumble in this game by Arizona.

Even though Arizona had a difficult time moving the ball on offense they still had a chance late into the fourth quarter. However, their coach to me made two decisions that may have cost the Arizona Cardinals this game. With less than one minute remaining in the second quarter, Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians decided to try to convert a 4th and 9 around Seattle Seahawks 40 yard line.

Arizona quarterback Drew Stanton threw an incomplete pass. This stopped the clock with 52 seconds left before half time. The Seattle Seahawks drove the ball down the field to Arizona Cardinal’s 25 yard line.

Sure enough Seattle kicked a field goal right before halftime. Now why in the world did Arizona Cardinals head coach decide NOT to punt the ball? This to me cost the Arizona Cardinals three points.

Another questionable decision by the Arizona Cardinals head coach was to again try to convert a 4th down play. With more than four minutes to go in this game, Arizona Cardinals threw an incomplete pass on 4th and 8 on the Seattle Seahawks 15 yard line. This cost Arizona another possible 3 points.

Why in the world did this head coach NOT decide to kick a field goal? You see Arizona ended up scoring a touchdown with less than two minutes in this game to pull within 6 points at 22-16. Seattle Seahawks ended up blocking an Arizona Cardinals point after touchdown attempt.

However, this game should have been tied at 22-22 if it were not for those afore mentioned coaching decisions.

Detroit Lions News and Rumors – of 30-17 Win at Green Bay Packers

In Detroit Lions news and rumors, this National Football League football team defeated the Green Bay Packers 30-17 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin on Monday Night Football. This was Detroit’s second win in twenty six years at Lambeau Field. You read that correctly as Detroit was 1-24 in their previous twenty five meetings at Lambeau Field.

Some detractors will claim this win was because Green Bay’s starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers did NOT play. However, the Detroit Lions still out played Green Bay on their own turf, pun intended. This 1-24 record against the same opponent is the worst record in any major professional sports over a twenty five year period.

Although the Detroit Lions defeated the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field in 2015, snapping a twenty four game losing streak on the road at Green Bay. However, in this victory for Detroit, they dominated the Green Bay Packers. They scored in every quarter and built a 14-3 halftime lead.

I watched about three quarters of this game. Detroit lead from start to finish and quite frankly the Green Bay Packers never threatened to take over this game. They were behind by as many as twenty points late into the fourth quarter.

The Green Bay Packers scored a touchdown with less than two minutes in the fourth quarter to make this game seem more competitive. Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford threw for 365 yards and two touchdown passes. The Detroit Lions could only muster up 64 yards rushing, but made up for it with their passing game.

The Green Bay Packers did not perform much better with their ground game as they rushed for 78 total yards. Green Bay quarterback Brett Hundley, whom is filling in for the injured Aaron Rodgers, threw for 245 yards without any touchdown passes. Turnovers were not a factor, as the Detroit Lions lone fumble was the only turnover by either team.

Oakland Raiders Scoreboard – 27-24 Win Over Miami Dolphins

The Oakland Raiders scoreboard revealed a 27-24 win over the Miami Dolphins on Sunday Night Football. The Oakland Raiders improved to 4-5 and are no longer last in the American Football Conference western division. They leap frogged into second place as the Denver Broncos continue to lose and the Los Chargers play on Monday night football.

This game sea sawed back and forth as Oakland Raiders took a thirteen to nine lead going into half time. The Miami Dolphins missed a point after attempt. Oakland scored in every quarter.

The Miami Dolphins could never over come Oaklands lead. In the fourth quarter they cut the lead to three as they scored a touchdown and converted the two point play. However, they could not muster another drive to attempt a game tying field goal.

Both starting quarterbacks Derek Carr and Jay Cutler threw for three hundred yards or more. Jay Cutler three three touchdowns. Derek Carr threw for one touchdown and an interception.

The Oakland Raiders and Miami Dolphins both fumbled the ball once. Neither team had more than one hundred yards rushing. The Miami Dolphins out rushed the Oakland Raiders 86 yards to 84 yards.

Sixteen total yards was the difference in this game. The score was indicative of the yardage. Miam Dolphins fall to 4-4 and are now third place in the American Football Conference eastern division.

This was the Oakland Raiders second road win this season. Miami has now lost two games at home. These two National Football League teams are chasing a playoff spot. These two teams made the playoffs last year.

They are both basically one game behind from a wild card playoff spot. The Miami Dolphins committed 11 penalties for 107 yards. Perhaps that stifled any chance of a win. The Miami Dolphins play the Carolina Panthers next, while the Oakland Raiders use their bye week.

New York Jets Team – Defeat Buffalo Bills 34-21

The New York Jets team defeated the Buffalo Bills thirty four to twenty one at home. The New York Jets dominated this game even though the score may not be indicative of this. They were leading the game thirty four to seven with less than five minutes left in this game.

The Buffalo Bills entered this game only turning the ball over three times this season. They turned the ball over three times in this game. Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor was sacked seven times.

The New York Jets dominated the ground game, rushing for a total of one hundred ninety four yards. The Jets scored in every quarter. They were outscored fourteen to ten in the fourth quarter, but this game was never in doubt.

The New York Jets outgained the Buffalo Bills three hundred thirty one yards to three hundred seven yards. However, they were in command of much of this game. Buffalo only rushed for sixty three yards.

Josh McCown only threw for one hundred forty yards. However, he did not throw any interceptions with one passing touchdown. Tyrod Taylor threw two touchdowns with two hundred eighty five yards passing.

The Buffalo Bills fumbled the ball four times and losing possession on three of them. This combined with seven sacks hampered their offense. The New York Jets took advantage and rushed out, pun intended, to a thirty four to seven lead that they never relinquished.

The New York Jets have four wins and five losses in the American Football Conference east division. The Buffalo Bills have five wins with three losses in this very same division. Buffalo looked flat from the very beginning of this game.

Two late touchdowns made this game appear competitive, when that was far from reality. The Buffalo Bills and New York Jets are chasing the division leading New England Patriots.

Kansas City Chiefs Football Score – 29-19 Win Over Denver Broncos

The Kansas City Chiefs football score against the Denver Broncos was twenty nine to nineteen in a win. The Denver Broncos turned the ball over five total times in this game. Trevor Siemian threw three interceptions.

Former Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles fumbled for the Denver Broncos in the first quarter. Also, Denver’s special teams fumbled a punt return. Amazingly enough Denver scored a touchdown late in the fourth quarter to pulle with in seven points.

Trevor Siemian looked aweful to me in my dogmatic subjective perspective. Kansas City turned the ball over twice. Alex Smith still has yet to throw an interception this season.

However, Denvers defense kept this game from turning into a blowout. Kansas City gained only seventy nine yards rushing. Meanwhile Denver gained one hundred seventy seven yards.

Kansas City rookie running back Kareem Hunt only managed forty six yards rushing on twenty two carries. Alex Smith was limited to two hundred two yards passing. The Denver Broncos fell behind early fourteen to nothing.

I figured this game was over since Denver struggled passing the ball for the fifth straight week. However, yet again their defense gave them a chance late into the fourth quarter. Kansas City called a trick play that was intercepted in the end zone.

They could have scored to make it seventeen or twenty one to nothing. Denver falls to three wins with four losses. Kansas City improves to six wins with two losses. Denver is in second place trailing the Chiefs in the American Football Conference western division.

Denver does NOT look like a playoff caliber team with as many problems on offense as they have. My only question is how much longer is Trevor Siemian going to start at the quarterback position? To me Denver’s offensive line is not their biggest problem.

They played well enough to dominate Kansas City on the ground.

Who Won Seattle Game Today – Against Houston Texans 41-38

Who won Seattle game today you ask? The Seattle Seahawks survived a high scoring games against the Houston Texans. Houston with three wins and three losses nearly defeated Seattle.

This was primarily a shootout. With less then two minutes left in this game, Houston led 38-34. I thought the Houston Texans would hold on for a crucial road victory.

I was wrong as the Seattle Seahawks, led by Russell Wilson mounted a last minute drive to win forty one to thirty eight. I watched three quarters of this game, including the fourth quarter. Neither team seemed to have the ability to stop the opposing teams passing game.

Seattle’s Russel Wilson threw for four hundred and forty six yards. The Houston Texans rookie quarterback, Deshaun Watson threw for three hundred sixty seven yards. Both quarterbacks threw four touchdown passes.

However, Deshaun Watson threw three interceptions. One of them was returned for a touchdown in the first half. Seattle’s rushing game was non existent with just thirty three yards. Houston Texans rushed for one hundred forty two yards.

Neither team had a fumble. Neither team missed any field goal attempts. Houston Texans actually out gained the Seattle Seahawks five hundred nine yards to four hundred seventy nine yards. This team could NOT take advantage of their superior running game.

The Houston Texans fall to three wins and four losses. Meanwhile, Seattle Seahawks improve to five wins and two losses. Houston is in third place in the American Football Conference south division.

Seattle is in first place in the National Football Conference west division. Houston Texans lost a heart breaker on the road in Seattle with less then two minutes to go in this game. Houston took possession of the football with twenty one seconds left, but could not muster a tying field goal chance as Deshaun Watson’s pass was intercepted.