USA Gymnastics Team – Member McKayla Maroney Molested by Doctor

USA Gymnastics Team

I normally write about sporting event recaps. However, whenever those that participate in athletics get abused, that can’t be over looked, at least not to me. McKayla Maroney is the latest in a long line of female United States gymnasts that has claimed Doctor Larry Nassar molested her.

She claims that Larry Nassar, whom was USA Gymnastics Team doctor from nineteen eighty eight until two thousand fifteen, molested her on multiple occasions. McKayla claims that this physician inappropriately touched from the age of thirteen until she left this sport in two thousand thirteen. That would be roughly four years of abuse.

Also, she alleges that Larry Nassar gave her a sleeping pill on a flight to Tokyo, Japan and when she awoke she was in a hotel room with him alone. She says that Larry would use excuses to provide “medically necessary treatment…”. Larry is supposed to get sentenced later this fall for child pornography charges.

Also, over one hundred females have accused this man of child molestation and other serious accusations. McKayla claims that Larry molested her before she won a team gold medal in the two thousand twelve Olympic Games. She also accuses Larry of molestation before she won an individual silver medal.

The most serious charge of all perhaps could be that Dr. Larry Nassar drugged her. McKayla Maroney released this accusation of molestation on her official twitter account. I could not find out more details about this possible intentional drugging.

How could she just take a sleeping pill provided by Larry and then wind up in a hotel room where he was performing a “treatment”. She claims she was fifteen years old when this incident occurred. She boarded this long flight to Japan and then it sounds like perhaps she does not remember exiting off this plane?