Georgia Dome Stadium – Demolished After 25 Years

The Atlanta Falcons’ old Georgia Dome stadium was demolished yesterday. This 25 year old stadium was destroyed in a planned demolition. The Atlanta Falcons’ new stadium, Mercedes-Benz Stadium, was built right next to the old Georgia Dome.

This now demolished stadium was first used in 1992. That facility was the home of the National Football League Atlanta Falcons and Georgia State University Panthers. The Georgia Dome was owned and operated by the Georgia government.

The initial price tag was $214 million dollars. In 2007 this 80,000 seat domed stadium received $30 million dollars in renovations. Most of the funding for the initial $214 million dollars was by tax payers with 77 percent of all funding from public proceeds

Only 23 percent of the funding for the initial Georgia Dome construction was from private sector sources. Yesterday, this $244 million dollar venue when including renovations was destroyed in seconds. There was a petition that tried to stop the demolition of the Georgia Dome.

However, I think during the contract for the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium, there was a clause wrote in that required the Georgia Dome become destroyed. The new stadium was built just 80 feet from the Georgia Dome. 25 Peach Bowl college football games were played in the Georgia Dome.

Two Super Bowls were hosted at the Georgia Dome, one in 1994 and the other in 2000. This planned demolition took just a total of 15 seconds to complete. Also, it will take at least 3 months for the debri piles to get cleaned up.

The concrete in this implosion is supposed to get recycled. The planned demolition of the Georgia Dome stadium was broadcast live. What a total waste of taxpayer dollars.

$214 million dollars blown apart in a mere fifteen seconds. I wonder how long the new Merceds-Benz stadium will last? The Atlanta Braves also recieved a shiny new stadium.

What was so bad about Turner Field? Turner Field only last 19 years as home of the Atlanta Braves. Although Turner Field will now be used as the home field for Georgia State University Panthers football.

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