Iowa Hawkeye Football Score Today – 55-24 Win Over Ohio State

The Iowa Hawkeye football score today was 55-24 over the Ohio State Buckeyes. The Iowa Hawkeyes dominated the 7-2 Ohio State Buckeyes. Ohio State is coming off a win over previously undefeated Penn State.

The Iowa Hawkeyes scored in every quarter. As a matter of fact, at one point they out scored Ohio State 31 to nothing in the second half. I only watched the fourth quarter of this game.

When I tuned in the score was 48-17 in favor of the Hawkeyes. Ohio State quarterback J. T. Barret threw four interceptions. Iowa Hawkeyes quarterback Nathan Stanley threw five touchdowns and 226 yards.

Ohio State Buckeyes could NOT stop Iowa’s running game. They rushed for 243 yards with one touchdown. The Iowa Hawkeyes did NOT turn the ball over once in this game.

Ohio State falls to 7-2, while Iowa improves to 6-3. Iowa built a 31-17 lead at halftime and cruised to a 55-24 win at home. Ohio State could only muster one late fourth quarter touchdown in the second half.

For whatever reason leading 48-17, Iowa attempted a fake punt deep in their end of the field. This setup a late Buckeyes touchdown. Iowa’s defense scored one touchdown off of an interception.

Their defense had another interception in the end zone to nullify a potential Ohio State touchdown. The Ohio State Buckeyes could only cut the lead to 24 points late in the fourth quarter. Iowa scored soon after and pushed their lead back to 31 points.

The four interceptions thrown by Ohio State really hurt any chances of making this a competitive game. Ohio State hosts Michigan state in their next game. Iowa has another tough competitor as they play undefeated Wisconsin on the road.

Wisconsin has won 9 games withot any losses and leads the Big Ten western conference. Ohio State is tied for second with Michigan State in the Big Ten eastern conference. Finally, Iowa is now tied for third place with Nebraska in the Big Ten western conference.

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