LA Dodgers Score – 3-1 Win Over Astros in Game 6 of World Series

The LA Dodgers score was three to one in game six of this year’s world series. They won and extended this series to a seventh game. Los Angeles will host the Houston Astros in game seven.

The Houston Astros have never won a World Series championship in franchise history. The Los Angeles Dodgers have not won a World Series title since nineteen eighty eight. This was another pitching dual.

Houston had six hits in this game, but could only create one run. That was a third inning solo home run by center fielder George Springer. Houston stranded eight total base runners.

They had opportunity after opportunity to no avail. Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander pitched six innings and gave up two earned runs. Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Rich Hill was pulled after four and two third innings pitched.

He only gave up one earned run. Some Los Angeles Dodger fans booed when he was removed from the game after only giving up one earned run. Los Angeles scored all three runs in the sixth and seventh inning.

Houston Astros could not mount a come back even though they had eight base runners. Neither team committed any error(s). I watched most if not all of this game.

I may have dosed off for a few minutes during the middle innings. Quite honestly and frankly baseball is not as exciting for me to watch. Los Angeles had five total hits in this game.

They went to their relief pitchers early again. This team used four relief pitchers. None of them gave up any earned runs.

Game seven will decide this World Series. Houston had plenty of opportunities to score some runs. This game reminded me of game one, when Los Angeles won three to one.

Houston could not even drive in a run or two via sacrifice fly. I do not see how they can obtain their first World Series championship with a similar performance.

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