New York Jets Team – Defeat Buffalo Bills 34-21

The New York Jets team defeated the Buffalo Bills thirty four to twenty one at home. The New York Jets dominated this game even though the score may not be indicative of this. They were leading the game thirty four to seven with less than five minutes left in this game.

The Buffalo Bills entered this game only turning the ball over three times this season. They turned the ball over three times in this game. Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor was sacked seven times.

The New York Jets dominated the ground game, rushing for a total of one hundred ninety four yards. The Jets scored in every quarter. They were outscored fourteen to ten in the fourth quarter, but this game was never in doubt.

The New York Jets outgained the Buffalo Bills three hundred thirty one yards to three hundred seven yards. However, they were in command of much of this game. Buffalo only rushed for sixty three yards.

Josh McCown only threw for one hundred forty yards. However, he did not throw any interceptions with one passing touchdown. Tyrod Taylor threw two touchdowns with two hundred eighty five yards passing.

The Buffalo Bills fumbled the ball four times and losing possession on three of them. This combined with seven sacks hampered their offense. The New York Jets took advantage and rushed out, pun intended, to a thirty four to seven lead that they never relinquished.

The New York Jets have four wins and five losses in the American Football Conference east division. The Buffalo Bills have five wins with three losses in this very same division. Buffalo looked flat from the very beginning of this game.

Two late touchdowns made this game appear competitive, when that was far from reality. The Buffalo Bills and New York Jets are chasing the division leading New England Patriots.

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