NFL Philadelphia Eagles Score – 28-23 Win at Carolina Panthers

It seems like in professional sports, each year a certain team or teams has its doubters. The two thousand seventeen Philadelphia Eagles are no different. Perhaps the NFL Philadelphia Eagles score of 28-23 has silenced those doubters, at least for now.

With this huge road win, the Philadelphia Eagles sit a top the National Football League’s National Football Conference east division with a five wins one loss record. This week six road win for Philadelphia became close towards the end of this game. The Carolina Panthers had possession of the football with around five minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, to score a potential go ahead touchdown.

However, instead of running the ball on third and short, this team passed away, pun intended, their chance at victory. Quarterback Cam Newton threw an interception, his third of the evening. Turnovers plauged the Carolina Panthers.

They now have four wins and two losses. The Carolina Panthers are in second place in the National Football Conference south division behind the three wins one loss Atlanta Falcons. Interestingly enough the Carolina Panthers are undefeated on the road this year with three wins.

However, at home they have won just one game out of three. Meanwhile Philadelphia has won both of their home games and has won three out of their first four road games. Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz threw three touchdown passes without any interceptions.

Neither team could run the football all that effectively. Cam Newton was Carolina Panther’s leading rusher, with seventy one yards. LeGarrett Blount was Philadelphia Eagles’ leading rusher with sixty seven yards.

Carolina Panthers turned the ball over three times compared to Philadelphia Eagles one turnover via a fumble. This is just Carson Wentz’s second National Football League season. He is off to a fast start this year by throwing thirteen touchdowns and only three interceptions.

Last season, his rookie season he threw just sixteen touchdowns in sixteen games with fourteen interceptions. Philadelphia hosts the 2-2 Washington Redskins on Monday night football. Meanwhile Carolina Panthers play the Chicago Bears on the road in ten days on Sunday.

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