Oakland Raiders Scoreboard – 27-24 Win Over Miami Dolphins

The Oakland Raiders scoreboard revealed a 27-24 win over the Miami Dolphins on Sunday Night Football. The Oakland Raiders improved to 4-5 and are no longer last in the American Football Conference western division. They leap frogged into second place as the Denver Broncos continue to lose and the Los Chargers play on Monday night football.

This game sea sawed back and forth as Oakland Raiders took a thirteen to nine lead going into half time. The Miami Dolphins missed a point after attempt. Oakland scored in every quarter.

The Miami Dolphins could never over come Oaklands lead. In the fourth quarter they cut the lead to three as they scored a touchdown and converted the two point play. However, they could not muster another drive to attempt a game tying field goal.

Both starting quarterbacks Derek Carr and Jay Cutler threw for three hundred yards or more. Jay Cutler three three touchdowns. Derek Carr threw for one touchdown and an interception.

The Oakland Raiders and Miami Dolphins both fumbled the ball once. Neither team had more than one hundred yards rushing. The Miami Dolphins out rushed the Oakland Raiders 86 yards to 84 yards.

Sixteen total yards was the difference in this game. The score was indicative of the yardage. Miam Dolphins fall to 4-4 and are now third place in the American Football Conference eastern division.

This was the Oakland Raiders second road win this season. Miami has now lost two games at home. These two National Football League teams are chasing a playoff spot. These two teams made the playoffs last year.

They are both basically one game behind from a wild card playoff spot. The Miami Dolphins committed 11 penalties for 107 yards. Perhaps that stifled any chance of a win. The Miami Dolphins play the Carolina Panthers next, while the Oakland Raiders use their bye week.

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