Oakland Raiders Scoreboard – 31-30 Win Over Kansas City Chiefs

The 3-4 Oakland Raiders defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 31-30 on a Thursday Night football game. The Oakland Raiders scoreboard lit up with thirty one points against Kansas City that had five wins with just one loss. However, Kansas City has now lost two straight games.

Kansas City led 30-24 with less than a minute left. Oakland received the ball and were able to drive down to the one yard line with just a few seconds left. Penalties against Kansas City allowed Oakland to drive the ball close to the goal line with very little time left on the clock.

As a matter of fact time expired, but Oakland was able to run two more plays because of defensive penalties against Kansas City. Oakland Raiders finally scored with no time remaining. This touchdown was reviewed but eventually ruled a touchdown.

With no time left on the clock, Oaklands kicker sealed the deal with a successful point after touchdown. Both Alex Smith and David Carr threw three touchdown passes. Neither team could rush more than one hundred yards.

However, this was a pass heavy game from the start. Neither defense effectively stopped the opposing offenses passing game. Alex Smith threw for three hundred forty two yards while David Carr threw for four hundred seventeen yards.

With that many throwing yards you would think there would have been turnovers in the passing game. Niether team had an interception. As a matter of fact Alex Smith has played seven games now, this year, without an interception.

The Oakland Raiders defense has yet to get an interception in seven games. Neither team turned the ball over. The Oakland Raiders offense lit up Kansas City’s defense for five hundred five net yards.

The final minutes of this game were suspense ridden as Oakland received a much needed third win. Kansas City still leads the division over the 4-2 Denver Broncos, 3-4 Oakland Raiders, and 2-4 Los Angeles Chargers.

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