Who Won Seattle Game Today – Against Arizona Cardinals 22-16

Who won the Seattle game today against the Arizona Cardinals? The Seattle Seahawks defeated the Arizona Cardinals 22-16 on the road. Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback Carson Palmer was officially placed on the injured reserve in late October.

His replacement Drew Stanton threw for one touchdown and 273 three yards. However, he complete only 24 of 47 passes. He did NOT throw with accuracy, at least not in this game.

Drew did NOT throw any interceptions in this game. The Arizona Cardinals rushing attack was nearly non-existent as this team rushed for a total of 34 yards. There was only one recovered fumble in this game by Arizona.

Even though Arizona had a difficult time moving the ball on offense they still had a chance late into the fourth quarter. However, their coach to me made two decisions that may have cost the Arizona Cardinals this game. With less than one minute remaining in the second quarter, Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians decided to try to convert a 4th and 9 around Seattle Seahawks 40 yard line.

Arizona quarterback Drew Stanton threw an incomplete pass. This stopped the clock with 52 seconds left before half time. The Seattle Seahawks drove the ball down the field to Arizona Cardinal’s 25 yard line.

Sure enough Seattle kicked a field goal right before halftime. Now why in the world did Arizona Cardinals head coach decide NOT to punt the ball? This to me cost the Arizona Cardinals three points.

Another questionable decision by the Arizona Cardinals head coach was to again try to convert a 4th down play. With more than four minutes to go in this game, Arizona Cardinals threw an incomplete pass on 4th and 8 on the Seattle Seahawks 15 yard line. This cost Arizona another possible 3 points.

Why in the world did this head coach NOT decide to kick a field goal? You see Arizona ended up scoring a touchdown with less than two minutes in this game to pull within 6 points at 22-16. Seattle Seahawks ended up blocking an Arizona Cardinals point after touchdown attempt.

However, this game should have been tied at 22-22 if it were not for those afore mentioned coaching decisions.

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