Who Won Seattle Game Today – Against Houston Texans 41-38

Who won Seattle game today you ask? The Seattle Seahawks survived a high scoring games against the Houston Texans. Houston with three wins and three losses nearly defeated Seattle.

This was primarily a shootout. With less then two minutes left in this game, Houston led 38-34. I thought the Houston Texans would hold on for a crucial road victory.

I was wrong as the Seattle Seahawks, led by Russell Wilson mounted a last minute drive to win forty one to thirty eight. I watched three quarters of this game, including the fourth quarter. Neither team seemed to have the ability to stop the opposing teams passing game.

Seattle’s Russel Wilson threw for four hundred and forty six yards. The Houston Texans rookie quarterback, Deshaun Watson threw for three hundred sixty seven yards. Both quarterbacks threw four touchdown passes.

However, Deshaun Watson threw three interceptions. One of them was returned for a touchdown in the first half. Seattle’s rushing game was non existent with just thirty three yards. Houston Texans rushed for one hundred forty two yards.

Neither team had a fumble. Neither team missed any field goal attempts. Houston Texans actually out gained the Seattle Seahawks five hundred nine yards to four hundred seventy nine yards. This team could NOT take advantage of their superior running game.

The Houston Texans fall to three wins and four losses. Meanwhile, Seattle Seahawks improve to five wins and two losses. Houston is in third place in the American Football Conference south division.

Seattle is in first place in the National Football Conference west division. Houston Texans lost a heart breaker on the road in Seattle with less then two minutes to go in this game. Houston took possession of the football with twenty one seconds left, but could not muster a tying field goal chance as Deshaun Watson’s pass was intercepted.

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