Warriors vs Hornets February 25, 2019

The Warriors come into the game with determination coming off a loss. The Hornets also are coming off a loss in a close game. The Warriors show that they want the win as they win the first quarter with a score of 34-30. The Warriors keep on going as the score at halftime will be 68-60. The Hornets will let the lead stretch to 10 so the score will be 98-88. The fourth is a defensive quarter which makes the final score 121-110. Klay Thompson leads the Warriors with 26 points and Cody Zeller will lead the Hornets with 28. The Warriors will play the Heat and the Hornets will play the Rockets.

Warriors vs Rockets February 23, 2019

The Warriors come with momentum coming off their win. The Rockets will play without MVP candidate James Harden. The Rockets show they are a good team without Harden as they are leading 20-35. The Warriors don’t just give up as they shorten the lead to 54-61. The Warriors did not capitalize in the third with the momentum as they trail the Rockets 86-92. The Warriors tie the Rockets in the fourth quarter which will not be enough to put them over the top. The final score will be 112-118. Eric Gordon will lead the Rockets with 25 points and Kevin Durant will lead the Warriors with 29 points. The Warriors will play the All-Star hosts Hornets and the Rockets will play the Hawks.

Warriors vs Kings February 21, 2019

The Warriors come out of the break as the best team in the Western Conference. On the other hand, the young Kings are still looking for a spot in the playoffs. The game starts as the Warriors win the quarter 35-30. The Kings fight back against the champs as they take the lead at the half 60-62. Both teams will go onto score 29 apiece as the Kings will not extend the lead. Going into the fourth, the score will be 89-91. The Warriors will go on to win the close game 125-123. Steph Curry will have 36 points and Marvin Bagley will have 28. Also, Kevin Durant with 28 points and 7 BLOCKS. The Warriors will play James Harden and the Rockets. The Kings will play Paul George and the Thunder.

Warriors vs Trail Blazers February 13, 2019

The Warriors have their first back to back game in a while as they come to Portland to face the Trail Blazers. It starts like all we predicted, a very close game and that was the first quarter as the score is 33-31, Warriors in the lead. Portland shows why they are a top team in the West as they take the lead at the half 61-64. The Warriors take the lead as the score going into the fourth quarter is 95-94. The final score will be 107-129 due to Steve Kerr getting ejected. The Warriors will play the Kings and the Jazz will play the Nets after the break.

Warriors vs Jazz February 12, 2019

Curry, Thompson, and Durant all get their NBA All-star jerseys. The Warriors get off to a great start as the score going into the second is 25 to 14, the Warriors in the lead. The Jazz comeback as they make the game closer, 47-44. The Jazz had a 40 point quarter that puts them in the lead, 84-87. The Warriors come alive as they win the game 115-108. The Warriors will play the Trail Blazers and the Jazz will wait after the break to play the Thunder.

Warriors vs Heat February 10, 2019

The Warriors playing their best basketball all season come into this game as the heavy favorites. The Heat won’t let that stop them as they win the first quarter 24-34. The Warriors cut the Heat lead in half which makes the score 54-59, Heat in the lead. Even though the Warriors are losing, that doesn’t mean that they play the best in the third as the take the lead 90-82. The Heat make it close but a foul on them is what is between winning and losing the game as the Warriors will take this one 120-118. The Warriors will play the Jazz and the Heat will play the Nuggets.

Warriors vs Suns February 8, 2019

The Warriors play the worst team in the league which goes by the name of the Phoenix Suns. The game starts by the Suns in the lead 26-31. The Warriors are not going to be down at halftime as they make the score 60-53. The Suns win in the third quarter which makes the score 82-85. Steph Curry comes alive in the fourth as the Warriors were too much for the Suns as the final score is 117-107. The Warriors will play the Miami Heat and the Suns will play the Kings.

Warriors vs Spurs February 6, 2019

The Warriors come into the game with determination as the Denver Nuggets lost their game today which leaves a chance for them to get the number 1 seed. The game starts close as we all predicted with a score of 31-33 Warriors in the lead. The Warriors play some good defense in the 2nd which leads to the score being 51 Spurs to 66 Warriors. The Warriors have a MONSTER 3rd with 49 points. This puts the game out of reach. The score is 115 Warriors to 82 Spurs. The game ends with a score of 102-141 Warriors will win. The Warriors will play the Suns and the Spurs will play the Trail Blazers.

Warriors vs Lakers February 2, 2019

The Warriors come into the game with determination as they previously lost against the 76ers. Lebron James will be out even though he played two days ago against the Clippers. JaVale McGee secures his second championship ring as Andre Iguodala presents it. The game goes underway as the Warriors score 33 and the Lakers only score 24. The half ends with the score of 63-58 Warriors ahead. The Lakers make it closer as the score is 88-86 Warriors leading. The Lakers blow the game as they only score 15 points in the fourth and Curry has a great quarter which eventually leads to the Warriors winning 115-101. The Warriors staff will not coach the All-Star game as the Nuggets clinch it with a win. The Lakers will play the Pacers and the Warriors will play the Spurs.

Warriors vs 76ers January 31, 2019

Demarcus Cousins plays his first home game as a Warrior as the Warriors come into the game without Klay Thompson against the new look Sixers. The first half is all offense as the Warriors win the first quarter with a score 35 and the Sixers have 30. The first half ends with a score of 60 to 53 Warriors ahead by seven. The Sixers have a MASSIVE  third quarter with 42 POINTS. The Warriors fall back 86 Warriors to 95 Sixers. J.J. Reddick puts the game away as the Sixers break the Warriors win streak of eleven come out on top 113 to 104. The Warriors will play the Lakers and the Sixers will play the Kings.