Auburn Score Today – 26-14 Win Over Alabama Crimson Tide

The Auburn Score today was 26-14 against the Alabama Crimson Tide football team. Alabama Crimson Tide’s 11 game winning streak comes to an end. The score of this game was 10-7 at halftime in Auburn Tigers favor.

Each team had one fumble and no interceptions. The Auburn Tigers scored in every quarter, while the Alabama Crimson Tide could only muster two touchdowns the entire game. The Auburn Tigers won this game by out passing the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Auburn gained 240 yards passing, while Alabama gained just 168 yards passing. Auburn was out gained 209 yards to 168 yards rushing. The Auburn Tigers could have won by a larger margin, if not for a late first quarter fumble on the Alabama Crimson Tide nine yard line.

Fortunately, for Auburn this did not affect the out come of this college football game. With this loss the Alabama Crimson Tide football team falls to 11-1. The Auburn Tigers play the Georgia Bulldogs next week in the Southeastern Conference title game.

This game potentially hampers their national title game asperations, as their are still two teams whom have yet to lose. The Auburn Tigers with their 10-2 record most likely will not get chosen to play for the national title. However, they played spoiler today and will most likely get chosen to play in a higher tier bowl game.

This is the second undefeated team that the Auburn Tigers have defeated on their home football field in the past three weeks. I watched three out of the four quarters of this game. I try to only write recaps of games I actually watch.

I tuned in when the score was 0-0 in the latter parts of the first quarter. Overall, this was a very competitive game. Alabama was guilty with twice as many penalties as Auburn, 8-4.

There were a couple of no calls or suspect referee decisions in this game. However, none in my opinion that caused a different outcome with regards to the final 26-14 score. The Auburn Tigers tried to convert a two point play in the fourth quarter, that failed.

This did NOT come back to haunt them as the Alabama Crimson Tide failed to score in the fourth quarter. The Alabama Crimson Tide football regular season is over with. We shall see what bowl game both teams get invited to.

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