Score of The Patriots Football Game – Against Broncos Was 41-16

The score of the Patriots football game against the Denver Broncos was 41-16. This game to me was over in the first quarter. Denver was outscored 14-6 but made major mistakes again. Denver’s kick returner muffed the first punt in this game.

This lead to an early New England Patriots touchdown. Then Denver’s special teams which have been horrible all season gave up a 103 yard touchdown kickoff return. The Denver Broncos could only muster up two field goals in the first quarter.

The Denver Broncos had a punt blocked in the second quarter. New England scored a field goal off this special teams mistake. New England scored 17 points off of Denver’s mistakes.

New England took a 27-9 lead into halftime. The Denver Broncos scored on their first possession of the second half. However, their defense gave up another New England touchdown.

The New England Patriots went on to cruise to a 41-16 win. The Denver Broncos defense gave up more than forty points for the second straight week. The Broncos started quarterback Brock Osweiler for the second straight week.

He threw for 221 years with one touchdown and one interception. Tom Brady passed for 266 yards with three touchdowns and no interceptions. The New England Patriots improved to 7-2.

The Denver Broncos fell to 3-6 and are last in the American Football Conference west division. The New England Patriots are first in the American Football Conference east division. The Denver Broncos playoff hopes to me have all but dried up.

The Denver Broncos keep making way too many mistakes. They turn the ball over multiple times week after week. However, in this game they actually outgained New England 118 yards to 99 yards rushing.

The New England Patriots countered with 297 passing yards. Also, the New England Patriots did not commit any turnovers. New England looks playoff bound.

Meanwhile, the Denver Broncos are quickly making a case as becoming the worst team in the National Football League.

University of Alabama Football News – 31-24 Win at Missisippi State

In University of Alabama football news today, this team defeated the Mississippi State bulldogs 31-24 on the road. This game was close the entire 60 minutes. The Alabama Crimson Tide were tied with the Mississippi State bulldogs at halftime 14-14.

These two college football teams scored in every quarter. The Alabama Crimson Tide outscored Mississippi State Bulldogs 14-3 in the fourth quarter to gain their tenth win of the season. Alabama is one of the few teams that have not lost a game this season.

Mississippi State fell to 7-3. I watched this entire game and thought perhaps Alabama Crimson Tide would suffer their first loss of this season. The Mississippi State Bulldogs excelled at rushing with the football while the Alabama Crimson Tide excelled at passing the football.

This game was tied at 24 points per team until Alabama Crimson Tide scored the winning touchdown with just thirty seconds left. I felt that Mississippi State had an excellent chance of winning this game. Alabama Crimson Tide field goal kicker missed a field goal that hit the left upright that could have given Alabama a 27-24 lead.

Mississippi State had a couple of hail mary passes at the end of the game to no avail. Alabama Crimson Tide have won 31 games in a row. This is their second straight 10-0 start.

Mississippi State Bulldogs rushed for 172 yards. Alabama Crimson Tide passed for 242 yards. There were no turnovers in this game.

Alabama Crimson Tide historically have dominated this matchup winning 82 games with 17 losses and 3 ties. They have beaten Mississippi State 10 straight times they have played. Alabama Crimson Tide are just one of four teams that have not lost a game.

Mississippi State Bulldogs obviously have a chance at being invited to a bowl game. Alabama Crimson Tide play two more games against Mercer and Auburn. Auburn beat then undefeated Georgia Bulldogs 40-17 today.

Who Won Seattle Game Today – Against Arizona Cardinals 22-16

Who won the Seattle game today against the Arizona Cardinals? The Seattle Seahawks defeated the Arizona Cardinals 22-16 on the road. Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback Carson Palmer was officially placed on the injured reserve in late October.

His replacement Drew Stanton threw for one touchdown and 273 three yards. However, he complete only 24 of 47 passes. He did NOT throw with accuracy, at least not in this game.

Drew did NOT throw any interceptions in this game. The Arizona Cardinals rushing attack was nearly non-existent as this team rushed for a total of 34 yards. There was only one recovered fumble in this game by Arizona.

Even though Arizona had a difficult time moving the ball on offense they still had a chance late into the fourth quarter. However, their coach to me made two decisions that may have cost the Arizona Cardinals this game. With less than one minute remaining in the second quarter, Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians decided to try to convert a 4th and 9 around Seattle Seahawks 40 yard line.

Arizona quarterback Drew Stanton threw an incomplete pass. This stopped the clock with 52 seconds left before half time. The Seattle Seahawks drove the ball down the field to Arizona Cardinal’s 25 yard line.

Sure enough Seattle kicked a field goal right before halftime. Now why in the world did Arizona Cardinals head coach decide NOT to punt the ball? This to me cost the Arizona Cardinals three points.

Another questionable decision by the Arizona Cardinals head coach was to again try to convert a 4th down play. With more than four minutes to go in this game, Arizona Cardinals threw an incomplete pass on 4th and 8 on the Seattle Seahawks 15 yard line. This cost Arizona another possible 3 points.

Why in the world did this head coach NOT decide to kick a field goal? You see Arizona ended up scoring a touchdown with less than two minutes in this game to pull within 6 points at 22-16. Seattle Seahawks ended up blocking an Arizona Cardinals point after touchdown attempt.

However, this game should have been tied at 22-22 if it were not for those afore mentioned coaching decisions.

Did Golden State Win Last Night – VS the Minnesota TimberWolves?

Did Golden State win last night versus the Minnesota Timberwolves? Yes they did defeat the Minnesota Timberwolves 125-101. The Minnesota Timberwolves fell to 7-4 while the Golden State Warriors improved to 9-3.

The Minnesota Timberwolves stayed within striking distance until the third quarter. The Golden State Warriors outscored Minnesota 44-26 in the third quarter. The game was over by then as the Warriors cruised to a 24 point victory at home.

Minnesota was trailing only by a point at halftime due to 13 first have turnovers by Golden State. The second half was quite different as Golden State took much better care of the ball. The Minnesota Timberwolves are still in first place in the National Basketball Association’s Northwest division.

The Golden State Warriors lead the Pacific division by three games already. Minnesota only has a one game lead over both the Portland Trailblazers and Denver Nuggets. Minnesota had troubles scoring as a team they only shot 41 percent from the field.

Meanwhile Golden State shot 56 percent from the field. This helped them over come their 13 first have turnovers. The Golden State Warriors made 15 three pointers compared to 5 three pointers by Minnesota. This was a thirty point difference.

The Minnesota Timberwolves had five players with double figures in scoring. The Golden State Warriors had six players with double figures in scoring. Golden State had 9 blocked shots.

Meanwhile Minnesota did not block any shots. The Golden State Warriors out rebounded Minnesota 45-41. Golden State was able to blow out Minnesota even though they turned the ball over 19 times compared to Minnesota’s 13 turnovers.

I guess when you outscore your opponent by thirty points in one offensive category, then perhaps you can get away with more even statistics in other categories. As an example Minnesota outscored Golden State 20-14 from the free throw line. However, they were still blown out by 24 points.

Sacramento Kings Record – 2-8 After Win Over Oklahoma City Thunder

The Sacramento Kings record is now 2-8 after a win at home over the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Sacramento Kings starting players were horrible. The Sacramento Kings bench set a new National Basketball Association record for most points to begin a game. The bench players scored the first 29 points for the Sacramento Kings before any of their starters could make a basket.

This statistic was first tracked fifteen years ago. Perhaps the Sacramento Kings coach is starting the wrong players? The Oklahoma City Thunder started out strong with a ten to nothing run. They lead by as many as seventeen points 25-8.

However, the Sacramento Kings came back to take the lead at halftime. The Oklahoma City thunder blew a golden opportunity, outscoring Sacramento 25-10 in the first quarter. Oklahoma City did NOT shoot the ball very well in this game at just 33 percent.

One controversial call, at least to me, came in the third quarter with the Sacramento Kings leading 55-51. Russell Westbrook was called for a flagrant foul when in all actuality he was fouled by a Sacramento player. This call was terrible and I am NOT an Oklahoma City fan.

The Sacramento Kings made both free throws and then scored on a two point field goal. With the score now 59-51 I can’t help but wonder what the outcome of the game have been. You see Russell Westbrook was fouled and would have went to the free throw line.

This to me changed the moment of this game significantly. Oklahoma City went on to lose 94-86. The Oklahoma City Thunder came within 3 points with less than one minute to go in this game, but could not over come the Sacramento Kings.

The Sacramento Kings are now 2-8, while the Oklahoma City Thunder fall to 4-6. Oklahoma City has lost 3 games in a row and are in last place in the Northwest division of the National Basketball Association. Sacramento received just their second win this season and are last in the Pacific division.

I watched most of this game except for the first half of the first quarter.

Detroit Lions News and Rumors – of 30-17 Win at Green Bay Packers

In Detroit Lions news and rumors, this National Football League football team defeated the Green Bay Packers 30-17 at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin on Monday Night Football. This was Detroit’s second win in twenty six years at Lambeau Field. You read that correctly as Detroit was 1-24 in their previous twenty five meetings at Lambeau Field.

Some detractors will claim this win was because Green Bay’s starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers did NOT play. However, the Detroit Lions still out played Green Bay on their own turf, pun intended. This 1-24 record against the same opponent is the worst record in any major professional sports over a twenty five year period.

Although the Detroit Lions defeated the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field in 2015, snapping a twenty four game losing streak on the road at Green Bay. However, in this victory for Detroit, they dominated the Green Bay Packers. They scored in every quarter and built a 14-3 halftime lead.

I watched about three quarters of this game. Detroit lead from start to finish and quite frankly the Green Bay Packers never threatened to take over this game. They were behind by as many as twenty points late into the fourth quarter.

The Green Bay Packers scored a touchdown with less than two minutes in the fourth quarter to make this game seem more competitive. Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford threw for 365 yards and two touchdown passes. The Detroit Lions could only muster up 64 yards rushing, but made up for it with their passing game.

The Green Bay Packers did not perform much better with their ground game as they rushed for 78 total yards. Green Bay quarterback Brett Hundley, whom is filling in for the injured Aaron Rodgers, threw for 245 yards without any touchdown passes. Turnovers were not a factor, as the Detroit Lions lone fumble was the only turnover by either team.

Oakland Raiders Scoreboard – 27-24 Win Over Miami Dolphins

The Oakland Raiders scoreboard revealed a 27-24 win over the Miami Dolphins on Sunday Night Football. The Oakland Raiders improved to 4-5 and are no longer last in the American Football Conference western division. They leap frogged into second place as the Denver Broncos continue to lose and the Los Chargers play on Monday night football.

This game sea sawed back and forth as Oakland Raiders took a thirteen to nine lead going into half time. The Miami Dolphins missed a point after attempt. Oakland scored in every quarter.

The Miami Dolphins could never over come Oaklands lead. In the fourth quarter they cut the lead to three as they scored a touchdown and converted the two point play. However, they could not muster another drive to attempt a game tying field goal.

Both starting quarterbacks Derek Carr and Jay Cutler threw for three hundred yards or more. Jay Cutler three three touchdowns. Derek Carr threw for one touchdown and an interception.

The Oakland Raiders and Miami Dolphins both fumbled the ball once. Neither team had more than one hundred yards rushing. The Miami Dolphins out rushed the Oakland Raiders 86 yards to 84 yards.

Sixteen total yards was the difference in this game. The score was indicative of the yardage. Miam Dolphins fall to 4-4 and are now third place in the American Football Conference eastern division.

This was the Oakland Raiders second road win this season. Miami has now lost two games at home. These two National Football League teams are chasing a playoff spot. These two teams made the playoffs last year.

They are both basically one game behind from a wild card playoff spot. The Miami Dolphins committed 11 penalties for 107 yards. Perhaps that stifled any chance of a win. The Miami Dolphins play the Carolina Panthers next, while the Oakland Raiders use their bye week.

Iowa Hawkeye Football Score Today – 55-24 Win Over Ohio State

The Iowa Hawkeye football score today was 55-24 over the Ohio State Buckeyes. The Iowa Hawkeyes dominated the 7-2 Ohio State Buckeyes. Ohio State is coming off a win over previously undefeated Penn State.

The Iowa Hawkeyes scored in every quarter. As a matter of fact, at one point they out scored Ohio State 31 to nothing in the second half. I only watched the fourth quarter of this game.

When I tuned in the score was 48-17 in favor of the Hawkeyes. Ohio State quarterback J. T. Barret threw four interceptions. Iowa Hawkeyes quarterback Nathan Stanley threw five touchdowns and 226 yards.

Ohio State Buckeyes could NOT stop Iowa’s running game. They rushed for 243 yards with one touchdown. The Iowa Hawkeyes did NOT turn the ball over once in this game.

Ohio State falls to 7-2, while Iowa improves to 6-3. Iowa built a 31-17 lead at halftime and cruised to a 55-24 win at home. Ohio State could only muster one late fourth quarter touchdown in the second half.

For whatever reason leading 48-17, Iowa attempted a fake punt deep in their end of the field. This setup a late Buckeyes touchdown. Iowa’s defense scored one touchdown off of an interception.

Their defense had another interception in the end zone to nullify a potential Ohio State touchdown. The Ohio State Buckeyes could only cut the lead to 24 points late in the fourth quarter. Iowa scored soon after and pushed their lead back to 31 points.

The four interceptions thrown by Ohio State really hurt any chances of making this a competitive game. Ohio State hosts Michigan state in their next game. Iowa has another tough competitor as they play undefeated Wisconsin on the road.

Wisconsin has won 9 games withot any losses and leads the Big Ten western conference. Ohio State is tied for second with Michigan State in the Big Ten eastern conference. Finally, Iowa is now tied for third place with Nebraska in the Big Ten western conference.

New York Jets Team – Defeat Buffalo Bills 34-21

The New York Jets team defeated the Buffalo Bills thirty four to twenty one at home. The New York Jets dominated this game even though the score may not be indicative of this. They were leading the game thirty four to seven with less than five minutes left in this game.

The Buffalo Bills entered this game only turning the ball over three times this season. They turned the ball over three times in this game. Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor was sacked seven times.

The New York Jets dominated the ground game, rushing for a total of one hundred ninety four yards. The Jets scored in every quarter. They were outscored fourteen to ten in the fourth quarter, but this game was never in doubt.

The New York Jets outgained the Buffalo Bills three hundred thirty one yards to three hundred seven yards. However, they were in command of much of this game. Buffalo only rushed for sixty three yards.

Josh McCown only threw for one hundred forty yards. However, he did not throw any interceptions with one passing touchdown. Tyrod Taylor threw two touchdowns with two hundred eighty five yards passing.

The Buffalo Bills fumbled the ball four times and losing possession on three of them. This combined with seven sacks hampered their offense. The New York Jets took advantage and rushed out, pun intended, to a thirty four to seven lead that they never relinquished.

The New York Jets have four wins and five losses in the American Football Conference east division. The Buffalo Bills have five wins with three losses in this very same division. Buffalo looked flat from the very beginning of this game.

Two late touchdowns made this game appear competitive, when that was far from reality. The Buffalo Bills and New York Jets are chasing the division leading New England Patriots.

Houston Astros News – 5-1 World Series Game 7 Win Over Dodgers

The Houston Astros won their first ever in franchise history world series title in Houston Astros news today. Game seven of this years World Series turned into a pitching gem for the Houston Astros. They beat the Los Angeles Dodgers five to one.

Houston scored two runs in the first inning and three runs in the third inning. Los Angeles scored their only run in the sixth inning. Houston only needed to runs to win, but held on to win after posting a five to nothing lead.

Los Angeles stranded ten base runners. They had opportunity after opportunity to no avail. Houston had five hits while Los Angeles had six hits.

Los Angeles committed on error in this game seven. Houston’s starting pitcher Lance McCullers was removed after just just two and one thirds inning. I was a bit perplexed by this move, because Lance had not given up any earned runs.

This move actually worked out as Houston’s relief pitchers only gave up one earned run. Los Angeles did NOT fair as good pitching wise. Their starting pitcher Yu Darvish gave up four earned runs in just one and two third innings.

Los Angeles relief pitchers did NOT give up any earned runs. However, because of their lack of offense, it was too little too late. Houston used one of their starting pitchers, Charlie Morton, in relief.

He pitched four innings allowing one earned run. He actually was credited with the win. Houston Astros have now won their first ever World Series title in franchise history.

The Los Angeles Dodgers had plenty of opportunities, but could not convert base runners into runs. This was similar to the way Houston played in a three to one game six loss to Los Angeles. Hoston celebrated their first title in Dodger Stadium.