Did Golden State Win Last Night – VS the Minnesota TimberWolves?

Did Golden State win last night versus the Minnesota Timberwolves? Yes they did defeat the Minnesota Timberwolves 125-101. The Minnesota Timberwolves fell to 7-4 while the Golden State Warriors improved to 9-3.

The Minnesota Timberwolves stayed within striking distance until the third quarter. The Golden State Warriors outscored Minnesota 44-26 in the third quarter. The game was over by then as the Warriors cruised to a 24 point victory at home.

Minnesota was trailing only by a point at halftime due to 13 first have turnovers by Golden State. The second half was quite different as Golden State took much better care of the ball. The Minnesota Timberwolves are still in first place in the National Basketball Association’s Northwest division.

The Golden State Warriors lead the Pacific division by three games already. Minnesota only has a one game lead over both the Portland Trailblazers and Denver Nuggets. Minnesota had troubles scoring as a team they only shot 41 percent from the field.

Meanwhile Golden State shot 56 percent from the field. This helped them over come their 13 first have turnovers. The Golden State Warriors made 15 three pointers compared to 5 three pointers by Minnesota. This was a thirty point difference.

The Minnesota Timberwolves had five players with double figures in scoring. The Golden State Warriors had six players with double figures in scoring. Golden State had 9 blocked shots.

Meanwhile Minnesota did not block any shots. The Golden State Warriors out rebounded Minnesota 45-41. Golden State was able to blow out Minnesota even though they turned the ball over 19 times compared to Minnesota’s 13 turnovers.

I guess when you outscore your opponent by thirty points in one offensive category, then perhaps you can get away with more even statistics in other categories. As an example Minnesota outscored Golden State 20-14 from the free throw line. However, they were still blown out by 24 points.

Sacramento Kings Record – 2-8 After Win Over Oklahoma City Thunder

The Sacramento Kings record is now 2-8 after a win at home over the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Sacramento Kings starting players were horrible. The Sacramento Kings bench set a new National Basketball Association record for most points to begin a game. The bench players scored the first 29 points for the Sacramento Kings before any of their starters could make a basket.

This statistic was first tracked fifteen years ago. Perhaps the Sacramento Kings coach is starting the wrong players? The Oklahoma City Thunder started out strong with a ten to nothing run. They lead by as many as seventeen points 25-8.

However, the Sacramento Kings came back to take the lead at halftime. The Oklahoma City thunder blew a golden opportunity, outscoring Sacramento 25-10 in the first quarter. Oklahoma City did NOT shoot the ball very well in this game at just 33 percent.

One controversial call, at least to me, came in the third quarter with the Sacramento Kings leading 55-51. Russell Westbrook was called for a flagrant foul when in all actuality he was fouled by a Sacramento player. This call was terrible and I am NOT an Oklahoma City fan.

The Sacramento Kings made both free throws and then scored on a two point field goal. With the score now 59-51 I can’t help but wonder what the outcome of the game have been. You see Russell Westbrook was fouled and would have went to the free throw line.

This to me changed the moment of this game significantly. Oklahoma City went on to lose 94-86. The Oklahoma City Thunder came within 3 points with less than one minute to go in this game, but could not over come the Sacramento Kings.

The Sacramento Kings are now 2-8, while the Oklahoma City Thunder fall to 4-6. Oklahoma City has lost 3 games in a row and are in last place in the Northwest division of the National Basketball Association. Sacramento received just their second win this season and are last in the Pacific division.

I watched most of this game except for the first half of the first quarter.

Little Caesars Downtown – Arena Empty Seats Detroit Pistons Debut

The Detroit Pistons opened up their two thousand seventeen-eighteen season in new digs so to speak. The new Little Caesers downtown arena was site of their first home game. They defeated the Charolotte Hornets one hundred and two to ninety.

This arena is located in the downtown Detroit district. Far removed from their old home The Palace at Auburn Hills. The Little Caesars downtown arena will be used by the National Hockey League Detroit Red Wings as well.

What I could not help but notice was the fact there were quite a few empty seats in this arena that seats twenty one thousand people for National Basketball Association action and twenty thousand fans for National Hockey League action. This arena is actually the world’s second largest hockey arena. The official attendance for this first home game for the Detroit Pistons was listed as 20,491.

However, corporations like Quicken Loans were giving away free tickets. During the entire game the Little Caesers downtown arena was at least half empty. Attendance problems for the Detroit Pistons is nothing new.

Even at the Palace at Auburn Hills they were struggling attracting fans. This game was played in city of Detroit nearly forty years after this team moved away. Tobias Harris lead all scorers with twenty seven points.

Dwight Howard played his first game for the Charlotte Hornets and scored ten points. Detroit Pistons built an eleven point lead in the second quarter and cruised to a twelve point win. The Charlotte Hornets committed seventeen turnovers.

Detroit Pistons had just eight turnovers. Detroit had fourteen steals compared to Charlotte’s four. Interestingly, both teams had forty seven rebounds.

Dwight Howard grabbed fifteen rebounds for his new team. Detroit Pistons shot forty three percent from the field compared to the Hornets’ forty percent shooting. Charlotte actually outscored Detroit by twelve points at the free throw line, but still lost.