NFL Philadelphia Eagles Score – 34-24 Win Over Washington Redskins

The NFL Philadelphia Eagles score last night against the Washington Redskins was thirty four to twenty four. This game was played on Monday Night Football in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I actually watched most of this game.

A competitive game but mostly controlled by Philadelphia. Each team recorded an interception. Kirk Cousins threw for three hundred and three yards to no avail.

Carson Wentz threw four touchdown passes with two hundred sixty eight yards. The Washington Redskins rushed for seventy five yards. The Philadelphia Eagles rushed for one hundred twenty seven yards.

Philadelphia recovered one Washington fumble. This was a pretty even statistically speaking game. However, Washington Redskins could not over come seventeen points Philadelphia scored in the second quarter.

The Redskins scored in every quarter. Philadelphia scored in the last three quarters and built a seventeen point lead. A late Washington touchdown made this game appear closer than perhaps it was.

The Washington Redskins have won three games with three losses. The Philadelphia Eagles have won six games with just one loss. They have the National Football League’s best record.

They are in first place in the National Football Conference east division. Washington is tied for second in this same division. The Eagles have won five straight games.

Philadelphia is the last team left this year with just one loss. This team entered this game with the best defense against the run, allowing around sixty yards per game. They performed quite similar allowing just seventy five total yards on the ground.

At one point in the game Carson Wentz had outgained the entire Washington Redskins ground game with his sixty three yards rushing. Carson Wentz has a league leading seventeen touchdowns with just four interceptions. The Philadelphia Eagles have beaten their division opponent, Washington Redskins, twice now this year.

Washington is three games behind in the win column and two games behind in the loss column.

Score of The Patriots Football Game – Against Falcons Was 23-7

The score of the Patriots football game against the Atlanta Falcons was twenty three to seven. New England dominated this National Football League game from the beginning. This was a rematch of Super Bowl fifty one, which also was won by The New England Patriots.

I watched most of this game and was not a very entertaining game in my dogmatic subjective perspective. I felt there was one controversial call in the first half. A subsequent interception in the end zone by the Atlanta Falcons was reversed after a roughing the passer penalty.

New England went on to score a touchdown. If that interception was allowed perhaps that would have a game changer. The New England Patriots created a seventeen to nothing lead at halftime and cruised to their fifth win with two losses.

The Atlanta Falcons have three wins and three losses now. The New England Patriots finally held an opposing quarterback to less than three hundred yards passing. You see New England allowed six straight opposing quarterbacks to throw for three hundred or more yards.

That set a new National Football League record. Amazingly enough New England won four of those games. Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan threw for two hundred thirty three yards and one touchdown.

Tom Brady threw for two hundred forty nine yards and two touchdowns. Neither quarterback committed any turnovers. Tom Brady recovered his own fumble.

New England controlled this game from start to finish. Atlanta did NOT score any points until a late touchdown with just a little over four minutes left in the game. By then this game was over without some miraculous plays.

New England is in first place in the American Football Conference east division. The Atlanta Falcons slip to third place in the National Footbal League soth division. This game was played in a dense fog.

Latest Alabama Football News – as They Beat Tennessee 45-7

As a sports blogger I try to only write recaps about events I watch. I watched parts of the Alabama Crimson Tide versus Tennessee Volunteers football game. I run a computer repair business so sometimes I miss parts of sporting events.

Anyways, this game was seven to nothing when I had to leave. When I returned Alabama was in control twenty one to nothing. Soon afterwards they jumped to a twenty eight to nothing lead.

Alabama has a perfect record so far this year with eight wins and no losses. Tennesse has three wins and four losses. This was the one hundredth meeting between these two institutions.

Alabama gained two hundred seventy two yards rushing. Tennessee Volunteers had to punt on their first five possessions. They finally ended a scoring drought in the second quarter.

Alabama Crimson Tide scored in every quarter. Ironically enough it was Alabama’s defense that scored this teams first touchdown in twelve quarters. Daniel Bituli ran back an interception ninety seven yards for the only score Tennesse could muster.

Latest Alabama football news is that the Crimson Tide have won eleven straight meetings against Tennessee. Alabama dominated this game in every statistical category. They had tirty five to seven first downs.

Alabama gained six hundred and five total yards on offense to Tennessee’s one hundred and eight yards. Alabama outrushed the Volunteers two hundred seventy two to sixty four yards. The Crimson Tide threw three hundred thirty two passing yards compared to Tennessee’s forty four yards.

One of the few stastics that favored Tennessee was turnovers. You see actually Alabama turned the ball over twice to Tenneessee’s one turnover. This mattered very little as Alabama rolled to their eighth win this year.

Up next, the Tennessee Volunteers play the University of Kentucky wildcats, while Alabama Crimson Tide play Louisiana State University Tigers.

Oakland Raiders Scoreboard – 31-30 Win Over Kansas City Chiefs

The 3-4 Oakland Raiders defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 31-30 on a Thursday Night football game. The Oakland Raiders scoreboard lit up with thirty one points against Kansas City that had five wins with just one loss. However, Kansas City has now lost two straight games.

Kansas City led 30-24 with less than a minute left. Oakland received the ball and were able to drive down to the one yard line with just a few seconds left. Penalties against Kansas City allowed Oakland to drive the ball close to the goal line with very little time left on the clock.

As a matter of fact time expired, but Oakland was able to run two more plays because of defensive penalties against Kansas City. Oakland Raiders finally scored with no time remaining. This touchdown was reviewed but eventually ruled a touchdown.

With no time left on the clock, Oaklands kicker sealed the deal with a successful point after touchdown. Both Alex Smith and David Carr threw three touchdown passes. Neither team could rush more than one hundred yards.

However, this was a pass heavy game from the start. Neither defense effectively stopped the opposing offenses passing game. Alex Smith threw for three hundred forty two yards while David Carr threw for four hundred seventeen yards.

With that many throwing yards you would think there would have been turnovers in the passing game. Niether team had an interception. As a matter of fact Alex Smith has played seven games now, this year, without an interception.

The Oakland Raiders defense has yet to get an interception in seven games. Neither team turned the ball over. The Oakland Raiders offense lit up Kansas City’s defense for five hundred five net yards.

The final minutes of this game were suspense ridden as Oakland received a much needed third win. Kansas City still leads the division over the 4-2 Denver Broncos, 3-4 Oakland Raiders, and 2-4 Los Angeles Chargers.

Little Caesars Downtown – Arena Empty Seats Detroit Pistons Debut

The Detroit Pistons opened up their two thousand seventeen-eighteen season in new digs so to speak. The new Little Caesers downtown arena was site of their first home game. They defeated the Charolotte Hornets one hundred and two to ninety.

This arena is located in the downtown Detroit district. Far removed from their old home The Palace at Auburn Hills. The Little Caesars downtown arena will be used by the National Hockey League Detroit Red Wings as well.

What I could not help but notice was the fact there were quite a few empty seats in this arena that seats twenty one thousand people for National Basketball Association action and twenty thousand fans for National Hockey League action. This arena is actually the world’s second largest hockey arena. The official attendance for this first home game for the Detroit Pistons was listed as 20,491.

However, corporations like Quicken Loans were giving away free tickets. During the entire game the Little Caesers downtown arena was at least half empty. Attendance problems for the Detroit Pistons is nothing new.

Even at the Palace at Auburn Hills they were struggling attracting fans. This game was played in city of Detroit nearly forty years after this team moved away. Tobias Harris lead all scorers with twenty seven points.

Dwight Howard played his first game for the Charlotte Hornets and scored ten points. Detroit Pistons built an eleven point lead in the second quarter and cruised to a twelve point win. The Charlotte Hornets committed seventeen turnovers.

Detroit Pistons had just eight turnovers. Detroit had fourteen steals compared to Charlotte’s four. Interestingly, both teams had forty seven rebounds.

Dwight Howard grabbed fifteen rebounds for his new team. Detroit Pistons shot forty three percent from the field compared to the Hornets’ forty percent shooting. Charlotte actually outscored Detroit by twelve points at the free throw line, but still lost.

USA Gymnastics Team – Member McKayla Maroney Molested by Doctor

USA Gymnastics Team

I normally write about sporting event recaps. However, whenever those that participate in athletics get abused, that can’t be over looked, at least not to me. McKayla Maroney is the latest in a long line of female United States gymnasts that has claimed Doctor Larry Nassar molested her.

She claims that Larry Nassar, whom was USA Gymnastics Team doctor from nineteen eighty eight until two thousand fifteen, molested her on multiple occasions. McKayla claims that this physician inappropriately touched from the age of thirteen until she left this sport in two thousand thirteen. That would be roughly four years of abuse.

Also, she alleges that Larry Nassar gave her a sleeping pill on a flight to Tokyo, Japan and when she awoke she was in a hotel room with him alone. She says that Larry would use excuses to provide “medically necessary treatment…”. Larry is supposed to get sentenced later this fall for child pornography charges.

Also, over one hundred females have accused this man of child molestation and other serious accusations. McKayla claims that Larry molested her before she won a team gold medal in the two thousand twelve Olympic Games. She also accuses Larry of molestation before she won an individual silver medal.

The most serious charge of all perhaps could be that Dr. Larry Nassar drugged her. McKayla Maroney released this accusation of molestation on her official twitter account. I could not find out more details about this possible intentional drugging.

How could she just take a sleeping pill provided by Larry and then wind up in a hotel room where he was performing a “treatment”. She claims she was fifteen years old when this incident occurred. She boarded this long flight to Japan and then it sounds like perhaps she does not remember exiting off this plane?

University of Washington – Upset by Arizona State Sun Devils 13-7

The University of Washington Huskies football team, was upset on the road by the Arizona State Sun Devils 13-7. University of Washington entered this game undefeated with six wins and no losses. The Arizona State Sun Devils had two wins and three losses before shutting down the Huskies.

The University of Washington football program has lost seven straight games playing on the road against Arizona State. They have not beaten Arizona State on the road since two thousand one. Washington Huskies averaged forty three points per game until they faced Arizona State.

However, they could have tied this game or forced overtime. You see the University of Washington’s kicker missed two fields of less than thirty yards. Arizona State Sun Devils field goal kicker made both of his attempts.

The last team the University of Washington Huskies lost to on the road was, you guessed it, Arizona State back in the two thousand fifteen season. Washington Huskies have a bye week this next week. Mean while Arizona State Sun Devils host the University of California Los Angeles Bears.

Arizona State scored all of their points in the first half. They were able to shutdown and hold off the University of Washington. The Huskies did not score until less than six minutes remained in the fourth quarter.

They would not possess the ball on offense again. Neither team turned the ball over. Washington punted the ball seven times, while Arizona State punted six times.

Arizona State made two out of their three field goal attempts. Washington missed both field goal attempts. On their only point after touchdown attempt, University of Washington replaced their starting kicker.

This loss greatly reduces Washington Huskies football playoff aspirations.

South Carolina Football News – Defeat Tennessee 15-9 on Road

The University of South Carolina Gamecocks defeated the University of Tennessee Volunteers 15-9 on the road. Tennessee started a red shirt freshman quarterback Jarrett Guarantano. Tennessee Volunteers had the ball on South Carolina’s two yard line with less than ten seconds, but could not score.

They had three chances to score a touchdown to no avail. South Carolina missed an extra point that almost came back to haunt them. This was a big road win for the South Carolina Gamecocks.

Tennessee Volunteers was blown out two weeks ago by the Georgia Bulldogs forty one to nothing. Last week Tennessee Volunteers had a bye week. Their head football coach Butch Jones promised wholesale changes.

He delivered by starting a freshman quarterback. The Tennesse Volunteers have won three games and lost three games. South Carolina Gamecocks have won five games while losing two games.

Tennessee could only muster up three field goals. South Carolina scored one touchdown and three field goals. A missed extra point did not effect the outcome of this game.

Interestingly enough neither team turned the ball over. South Carolina outperformed Tennessee on the ground with one hundred ninety four yards versus one hundred two yards. University of Tennessee remains winless in the Southeastern Conference with three losses so far this season.

Meanwhile, University of South Carolina has won three games with two losses in this same conference. This is exciting South Carolina football news, for their field goal kicker Parker White, who was successful just four out of his previous eleven field goal attempts. However, today he made all three field goal attempts.

The South Carolina’s defense sacked Tennessee’s freshman quarterback seven times. The South Carolina Gamecocks host Vanderbilt after a bye week. Tennesse Volunteers must travel to play the number one ranked Alabama Crimson Tide.

NFL Philadelphia Eagles Score – 28-23 Win at Carolina Panthers

It seems like in professional sports, each year a certain team or teams has its doubters. The two thousand seventeen Philadelphia Eagles are no different. Perhaps the NFL Philadelphia Eagles score of 28-23 has silenced those doubters, at least for now.

With this huge road win, the Philadelphia Eagles sit a top the National Football League’s National Football Conference east division with a five wins one loss record. This week six road win for Philadelphia became close towards the end of this game. The Carolina Panthers had possession of the football with around five minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, to score a potential go ahead touchdown.

However, instead of running the ball on third and short, this team passed away, pun intended, their chance at victory. Quarterback Cam Newton threw an interception, his third of the evening. Turnovers plauged the Carolina Panthers.

They now have four wins and two losses. The Carolina Panthers are in second place in the National Football Conference south division behind the three wins one loss Atlanta Falcons. Interestingly enough the Carolina Panthers are undefeated on the road this year with three wins.

However, at home they have won just one game out of three. Meanwhile Philadelphia has won both of their home games and has won three out of their first four road games. Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz threw three touchdown passes without any interceptions.

Neither team could run the football all that effectively. Cam Newton was Carolina Panther’s leading rusher, with seventy one yards. LeGarrett Blount was Philadelphia Eagles’ leading rusher with sixty seven yards.

Carolina Panthers turned the ball over three times compared to Philadelphia Eagles one turnover via a fumble. This is just Carson Wentz’s second National Football League season. He is off to a fast start this year by throwing thirteen touchdowns and only three interceptions.

Last season, his rookie season he threw just sixteen touchdowns in sixteen games with fourteen interceptions. Philadelphia hosts the 2-2 Washington Redskins on Monday night football. Meanwhile Carolina Panthers play the Chicago Bears on the road in ten days on Sunday.

New York Yankees News Today – of Their 5-2 Win Over Indians

In New York Yankees news today, they defeated the Cleveland Indians 5-2 in game five of the American League division series. The Cleveland Indians had won the first two games in this five game series. The New York Yankees won the last three games to advance to the American League championship series.

They will play the Houston Astros in a best of seven game series. Didi Gregorius hit two home runs. CC Sabathia had nine strike outs and pitched into the fifth inning.

Since Cleveland won the first two games, they essentially had three chances to win this series. The New York Yankees became the tenth team to come back and win a five game playoff series after losing the first two games. The Cleveland Indians had home field advantage and won the first two homes on their own baseball field.

CC Sabathia only allowed one out of the first fourteen Cleveland Indian hitters to get on base. He actually pitched for the Indians earlier in his career. The New York Yankees built a three to nothing lead in the third inning.

They went on to cruise to a five to two win. The Cleveland Indians never played with a lead in the past three games of this series. There were thirty one combined strike outs in this game, which set a new Major League Baseball post season record.

The Houston Astros, which are now playing in the American League, will host the New York Yankees with home field advantage. The Houston Astros had over one hundred regular season wins (101-61) and owned the American League’s best record. They defeated the Boston Red Sox four games to one in their American League division series.

The New York Yankees actually had to beat the Minnesota Twins in a one game wild card playoff, in order to face the Cleveland Indians.

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