University of Washington – Upset by Arizona State Sun Devils 13-7

The University of Washington Huskies football team, was upset on the road by the Arizona State Sun Devils 13-7. University of Washington entered this game undefeated with six wins and no losses. The Arizona State Sun Devils had two wins and three losses before shutting down the Huskies.

The University of Washington football program has lost seven straight games playing on the road against Arizona State. They have not beaten Arizona State on the road since two thousand one. Washington Huskies averaged forty three points per game until they faced Arizona State.

However, they could have tied this game or forced overtime. You see the University of Washington’s kicker missed two fields of less than thirty yards. Arizona State Sun Devils field goal kicker made both of his attempts.

The last team the University of Washington Huskies lost to on the road was, you guessed it, Arizona State back in the two thousand fifteen season. Washington Huskies have a bye week this next week. Mean while Arizona State Sun Devils host the University of California Los Angeles Bears.

Arizona State scored all of their points in the first half. They were able to shutdown and hold off the University of Washington. The Huskies did not score until less than six minutes remained in the fourth quarter.

They would not possess the ball on offense again. Neither team turned the ball over. Washington punted the ball seven times, while Arizona State punted six times.

Arizona State made two out of their three field goal attempts. Washington missed both field goal attempts. On their only point after touchdown attempt, University of Washington replaced their starting kicker.

This loss greatly reduces Washington Huskies football playoff aspirations.

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