The Warriors come to Indiana to increase their 10 game win streak. On the other hand, the Pacers are still getting over the fact that Superstar Victor Oladipo is out with a knee injury for the rest of the year. The Warriors not having Green play today so Jordan Bell will take his starting position. The Warriors score 40 POINTS in the FIRST QUARTER. Next to the Pacers 22. The Warriors keep the momentum as they score 69 points in the first half. The Pacers only getting 8 more than the Warriors first quarter with only 48. The Warriors tack on 32 more as they bring their total up to 102 as the Pacers bring their total up to 79. The Pacers only ending with 100 points. The Warriors have a 30 point quarter to make the final score 100 Pacers to 132 Warriors. The Warriors will play the 76ers and the Pacers will play the Magic.

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