The Golden State Warriors come into the nation’s capital playing the Washington Wizards. The Warriors come out with the momentum of the last game and drop 37 in the first quarter, as the Wizards score only 27. The Warriors put the game out of reach by having a combined score 67 in the first half. On the other hand, the Wizards only score 58 points. The Warriors tack 37 more in the third but the Wizards make it a close game by dropping 33. The score at the start of the fourth quarter is 104 Warriors to 91 Wizards. The Wizards did beat the Warriors in the fourth quarter, but they had to get at least 13 points more than the Warriors just to force overtime. The final score 126-118 Warriors take the W. The Warriors will go on to play the Celtics and the Wizards go on to play the Magic.

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