The Warriors are coming off a big win against the Sixers and are in another one. On the other hand, the Celtics are coming off a tough loss against the Rockets. The Celtics look like a team and not just individuals as they are leading the Warriors 24-32. The Celtics run away with the lead because of their 41 point quarter in the second. At halftime, the score is 48-73. The third quarter is the closest the Warriors will get to 30 points in a quarter as they drop 28. The Warriors have to come back from a long deficient as the score going into the fourth is 76-105. The Celtics just had that firepower because they blew out against the champions. Stephen Curry will lead the Warriors with 23 and Gordon Hayward leads the Celtics with 30. The Warriors will play the Nuggets an the Celtics will play the Kings.

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