The Warriors are coming into their last Conference quarterfinals in Oracle Arena. The Clippers are hoping to do the same as the other teams because no top seed team has won on Saturday. The Warriors will start the game off with a lead to work with as the score is 36-27. The Clippers had it but the Warriors strike late in the second to add to their lead as the score at halftime is 69-56. The Warriors almost put the dagger in the third as the Clippers need to pick up the pace if they want to put pressure on the Warriors because score going into the fourth is 98-79. The Clippers do win the fourth but not enough to beat the Warriors as they are closer to advancing now because of the final score being 121-104. Stephen Curry leads the Warriors with 38 and Montrezl Harrell leads the Clippers with 26. Both teams will play in Oakland for Game 2 of the series.

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