The Warriors are here to get some practice before their first playoff game coming soon. The Grizzlies are playing for fun and look towards the offseason to sign a big player. The first is very high scoring as both teams score combine up to 86 as the Grizzlies have the early lead which makes the score 45-41. The Grizzlies add on to their lead by a lot as the score going into halftime is 68-86. The Grizzlies add on even more on to their pile as the Warriors will have to catch up quite a bit if they want to win the game as the score is 90-114. The Warriors do have a push but it was too late as the Grizzlies will take this one with a final score of 117-132. Kevin Durant leads the Warriors with 21 and Jevon Carter leads the Warriors with 32 points. The Warriors will Clippers in the first round of the playoffs and the Grizzlies can relax as their season has come to a close.

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