The Warriors come into the game with momentum as they are coming off a win at home. The Grizzlies are just tanking for a good draft pick with how their record is looking like. The Grizzlies start hot as they drop 37 which makes the score 31-37. The Warriors can’t just let that go as they take the lead as the score is 67-60. Also, Mike Conley hit a three which now makes him the all-time leading Grizzlies scorer. The Grizzlies do shorten up the lead but not by much which makes the score 90-84. The Warriors win the fourth quarter and make this a blowout as the final score is 118-103. Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant both lead the Warriors with 28 apiece. Jonas Valunciunas Leads the Grizzlies with 27 points. The Warriors will play the Timberwolves and the Grizzlies will play the Suns.

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