The Warriors have clinched the first seed and are playing to get ready for the playoffs. The Pelicans are a mess and still have to deal with Anthony Davis who wants to go somewhere else. The game starts very slow as the Pelicans have the early lead in the first to make the score 18-19. The second quarter also is close as the Warriors even it up at halftime to make the score 56-56. The third is all Warriors as they take the lead going into the fourth as the score is 88-79. The Pelicans try but don’t try enough as the Warriors will take it with a final score of 112-103. Demarcus Cousins leads the Warriors with 21 and Jahlil Okafor leads the Pelicans with 30 points. The Warriors will play the Grizzlies in their final regular season game and the Pelicans can relax as they finished their season and did not make the playoffs.

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